L & W Garbage

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*BILLING = Automatic payment withdrawal is available go to auto debit page to the left to sign up or contact us and we can mail out form.  Defaults to Bi-monthly billing

*TOTE =One 95 gallon tote provided with service (extra totes can be rented)

*Please put tote at the curbside by 6:00a.m. (As a courtesy, we will take your tote back to your house)

*No barrels of any type (Barrels are considered trash. Regulation cans with handles up to 32 gallons can be used if you need more than the 95 gallon tote provided

*Please note that for safety purposes any broken containers will be tossed at the owner’s expense.

*If you have anything other than normal household garbage-appliances, etc., please call office first before setting out to see if there will be an additional charge.

**We do not take tires or batteries. **

YARD WASTE: April 1,-November 30,  (First Thurs in April/Last Thurs in Nov)

*Must email/call the office and sign up for yard waste

*Please cancel before the month begins or will be charged for the month.

*Once a week-every Thursday only

*This is separate from garbage-the two cannot be mixed together

*Grass, leaves & pine needles (ONLY)

What to do with your clippings for pick-up:

1.     Put directly into your tote as long as there is no garbage in it 

2. Paper yard bags

3. Regular cans up to 32 gallons with handles (For safety-no bigger than 32 gallons-remember if you can’t lift         above your head then our guys won’t be able to either, so please don’t pack it full)         Please note that if you use your own can & it gets cracked we are not responsible for replacing cans         or any damage done. Sometimes the leaves/water freezes in the cans & they crack when they try to remove the debris.

What not to do with your clippings:

1.    No plastic bags

2.    No barrels of any type (Barrels are considered trash & will be tossed)

3.    No regular cans over 32 gallons

   *Grass & leaves can be mixed with garbage December 1st through March 31st every year and put in plastic 

BRANCHES: These are not taken with yard waste, just put with your daily garbageThey need to be bundled with strong twine and not any longer than 4 to 5 foot in length. If not bundled properly or not at all, there will be a cleanup charge added to your next bill. 


* 65 gallon tote provided 

* Picked up every Monday 

* No sorting required 

Please call the office to sign up! 

: We do NOT pick up on - Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day
Look at the Holiday page.

  (The landfill is closed on those days so your next pickup will be on your next regular day- for we’re not able to change the schedule around). 


Thank you and if you have any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to call or email us!

“Keeping your neighborhood clean!” J